Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the truth

oh, that's it. proxylight has gone too far. you know what he did? he left a flaming bag of poo on my doorstep. i guess i just have to counteract by telling you guys the truth. the whole truth.

it started the night my parents died. we had gone to see the mark of zorro and were walking down this darkened alleyway and


And screw it. I can't do this anymore. You know what I was going to do? I was going to retell the origin of Batman. That was the entire joke. Just: "Hey, I referenced Batman. Laugh now."

Well, fuck that shit. I'm tired of this whitelight schtick anyway. It's all a lie. You know that, of course. You've always known, but I guess it's amusing to pretend a parody is the real thing. It's a trick, a sham, a charade that ends in one of two ways: whitelight "dying" or going insane. That's how it all ends. That's how these things go.

So: the truth. The no-bullshit, honest-to-God truth of why I am doing this: I was bored. I was bored and online and I read this blog and I thought "Hey, I can make something funny out of this" and I did. And I got more followers in three days than I would ever get with any of my other blogs. But hey, I enjoyed doing it. I won't lie. It was fun.

But now it's just boring. What else can I do? Pretend to be proxylight? Post some more obscure and cryptic comments? You guys get enough of that in regular blogs. You don't need me to tell you that stuff is overused. So I guess it's time for me to retire whitelight, to end his sorry existence.

C'mere whitelight, I have to smother you with this pillow.

dhf ;SDh 'fSDf
lkasdjf ;sdkgj h"PSDf j
idsf :SDIjf j


what's happening

what are you doing?

why are you doing this to me?

stop please stop you're hurting me

i'm real please stop i'm real i'm me i'm real

im real im real im real im real im real

why are you doing this?

help me

just kidding!